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The Trees

08:13 | 22/07/2019

Cashew trees are grown in the mountainous provinces of South Central and Southeast as Dak Lak; Daknong; Binh Phuoc; Dong Nai ...

  • Cashew is cultivated about 4-5 year old that is starting to flower and fruit if planted by seed and by 3 years if planted grafts.
  • Normally, the trees be needed to create foliage when trees are 1 - 1.5 years of age and regular annual pruning.. When trees for fruit stage, the trees should be pruned every year 2 times: first after the harvest is complete combined weeding the garden and the second on September annual (end of ranny season.
  • Plants that bloom usually begins from November until March of next year, most bloom in January, February annually.


  • Cashew nuts are harvested starting from February to April every year.